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Do you need a professional residential cleaning service? Maybe you want to have your commercial property cleaned? Either way, Pristine Cleans LLC is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our Services

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
Your property will quickly degenerate into an unpleasant mess if you do use expert residential cleaning services. The accumulation of trash in every nook and cranny makes cleaning the bathroom nearly hard. Professional house cleaning services will keep the surroundings spotless.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning
Even if your new house includes a pre-move-out cleaning, you want to use a cleaning service to help with the move-in process. When people leave an occupied property for an extended time, such as contractors, they usually leave a trail of dust and filth behind. Cleaning before you move in is a great method to ensure that your new home is ready for you and your family right away.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning
Following the completion of your remodeling and the removal of any debris, our construction cleanup services will thoroughly clean and prepare your new space for move-in and set-up. We'll make sure your new house is cozy, enjoyable, and spotless. To meet our clients' deadlines and timetables, we work closely with them. Please, contact us if you need dependable post-construction cleanup services.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Property owners have a lot on their plates these days, and as a result, they frequently overlook areas that appear to be less filthy. This is where they can make a mistake. Unseen and presumed-to-be-clean areas are frequently dirtier than they appear. Bacteria and germs may infiltrate these areas. This risk is minimized during the deep cleaning process due to the thorough cleaning performed by professionals.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
The cleanliness of a business's premises is directly related to its success, and a poor cleaning service could spell disaster. Flu and cold-related absences are costly to businesses; thus, assess the financial impact of these absences on your company. By adopting a few easy cleaning habits, flu viruses can be kept to a minimum.

The Benefits

Bacteria that are harmful to human health can be removed with the help of cleaning services. Vacuum cleaners, dusters, sponges, and mops may be used by cleaning services. These items can be used to disinfect and clean your home or office. While vacuuming carpets, dust, dead skin cells, and other debris can accumulate. Our company will clean your property promptly. Call us right now to schedule a professional cleaning service for your home or office!

The Way We Work

We provide a residential construction cleanup service & more to our clients by only using high-quality equipment, products, and supplies, among other things. We make certain that each job is completed on time, and we eagerly await your call!

Areas Served

Now that you’ve learned more about the exceptional cleaning solution we provide, here are the other areas where you can book a service:

  • Kentwood, MI
  • Wyoming, MI
  • Cascade, MI
  • Moline, MI
  • Wayland, MI

Are you looking for a professional move-out cleaning service & more in Grand Rapids, MI? Pristine Cleans LLC is the company you should choose. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Nicky K on Pristine Cleans LLC
Consummate professional, caring and kind

Stephenie knows her craft and takes special care to understand our needs. We’ve had a lot of changes and she has completely kept up with or ahead of us. Her teams are prompt, professional and communicative with us. We look forward to cleaning day- and how great the house feels afterward.

Crystal Walkley
Crystal Walkley
Fantastic company
Thomas Parm
Thomas Parm
Awesome service! my family has been using pristine cleans, for about 5 years. From deep cleans to maintenance cleans, every time I walk in the door after a service. I’m always amazed. True life savers!
Andrew Starws
Andrew Starws
They always treat my clothes with care and make sure they are taking care of their customers.
barbara robinson
barbara robinson
I've been using them for a year and there's no way I'll ever go back!!!
Anjuli H
Anjuli H
Pristine Cleans is the MOST AMAZING cleaning service out there! Stephanie and her team are industrious perfectionists. They are courteous, professional, kind, trustworthy, reliable, efficient and always manage to make my home look incredible. Stephanie goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy. She is always willing to hear feedback. She also has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to cleaning and often has great suggestions and ideas and how to maintain her perfect cleans! I cannot recommend Stephanie and her team enough!

Pristine Cleans LLC
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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