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3 Best Residential Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh and Tidy

Keeping a Neat and Clean Home

Keeping a home neat and clean requires time and effort. The clutter, dust, and dirt that make their way into our homes seem to form a never-ending cycle of cleaning. But, whether you are doing a thorough seasonal cleaning or daily chores, there are plenty of little tips and tricks experts recommend to get the job done right. If your home could use tidying, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 best residential cleaning tips to keep your home fresh and tidy.

Declutter First

Before you clean any room or area of your home, remove all of the clutter. Separate the clutter into piles of items that can be recycled or tossed in the trash, items to be donated, and items to be returned to their proper spot. Your room will look tidier immediately and be easier to deep clean.

Start with Clean Tools

To get the chores done more effectively, always use clean tools. A dirty mop does not absorb dirt well and leaves residue on the floor. A vacuum that is filled with dust can’t be cleaned well. Dusters filled with grit can leave scratches on surfaces. Clean your tools after each use so they are ready to go when you are.

Vacuum Better

We have all vacuumed quickly to get a room ready for company but to vacuum thoroughly and remove as much dirt and dust as possible, vacuum in one direction following the pile of the carpet and then again across the direction of the pile. You’ll be extremely amazed at how much cleaner your carpet looks and smells. Removing all of the dirt helps the carpet last longer. Additionally, getting a better vacuum with HEPA filtration can help, as it cleans the air as you vacuum and keeps the machine from blasting odors and allergens into the air as you clean.

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