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Take Advantage of Our Professional Post-Construction Cleanup Now!

After upgrading or building your facility, prepare your area for immediate occupancy. After all, wasn’t that the reason you started building or remodeling in the first place? Following a renovation or construction project, your home will inevitably be covered in construction waste. Thankfully, you can hire experts for a post-construction cleanup! Many property owners in Grand Rapids, MI use our post-construction services. They come to Pristine Cleans LLC when they need their properties cleaned after construction or remodeling. Our firm has long-standing relationships with both real estate investors and construction companies.

Let Us Remove All Construction Debris Following Construction Projects

We are prepared to clean your home from top to bottom, regardless of how large or small your construction project is. We would not overlook any floor, space, or corner. After the service, we will also dispose of the accumulated garbage while cleaning. You have no reason to be worried! In the past, we have provided outstanding post-construction cleaning services to each client.

Getting Your Space Ready – Perfectly!

In addition to clearing construction debris, we arrange and organize your space. Our team will sanitize your property to be safe to live in. Moreover, you would want the newly-constructed place to be cleaned quickly, wouldn’t you? It is a hassle to be cleaning at the same time you are trying to organize your things and move in. Leave the cleaning task to us. We can be very quick with it, and we can also be very thorough. We assure you that you can move into your new place right after cleaning it.

Don’t let leftover drywall, wood shavings, and other construction waste keep you from making the most of your newly constructed or renovated space in Grand Rapids, MI. Simply use Pristine Cleans LLC to ensure a pristine property. Call (616) 207-6627 right away to schedule our post-construction cleanup!

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