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Residential Cleaning: How You’re Over-Cleaning Your Home

Ways You’re Cleaning Your Home Too Much

Do you regularly clean your home? You can be cleaning your house excessively, which could injure certain objects or areas that don’t require as much care. Slowing down your housework routine will help you quit overcleaning and offer yourself the gift of time. Here are a few areas of your house where you might be cleaning them too frequently, according to residential cleaning experts.

Dirty Dishes

Don’t rinse soiled dishes before loading the dishwasher. You’ll end up with cleaner dishes, and you’ll save time and water. Enzymes and other components in dishwasher detergent tablets, liquids, and powders are designed to bind to food particles and break down the problem before being flushed away by the water spray action. The detergent is wasted when you rinse filthy dishes since it cannot adhere to anything. However, before putting dishes in the dishwasher, it’s still crucial to remove a lot of food.


Furthermore, if you utilize the self-cleaning function of your oven, you won’t need to include oven cleaning in your list of weekly chores. Overusing the self-cleaning mode can subject you and your family to the potentially hazardous gases that the procedure generates, including tiny amounts of carbon monoxide. Overusing a feature can potentially lower the performance of an appliance’s vital components. Your oven only has to be cleaned two or three times a year if spills are cleared up right away. After (not before) Christmas cooking binges, schedule a full oven cleaning.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting Fixtures

You’re going overboard if you’re dusting every light fixture in your house every day, even if a clean light fixture looks nicer and emits more light. Naturally, what’s found in home dust isn’t appealing: For example, you’ll find fragments of mold, fungi, chemicals, and dead insect parts. However, a day’s worth of dust buildup is typically not enough to cause significant damage. Just once a month is sufficient for dusting ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Dusting once a week will be sufficient if dust causes asthma or allergy problems in you or other members of your family. To ensure that any remaining dust falls to the floor to be swept up, clean the overhead fixtures first.

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