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Trust a Post-Construction Cleanup to Clear Off Debris and Dust!

No More Sneezing in Your Newly Constructed Home

No one can stop sneezing when your new home construction hits the dust. Time to dust off the vacuum cleaner and begin the post-construction cleanup! A fresh coat of paint and a fresh coat of carpet can minimize post-construction cleanup. As you go over the house, among other things, you will want to keep track of which areas to tackle first. Your post-construction cleaning will include the following cleaning steps:


One of the first tasks you will do is to vacuum the floors. You have already cleaned the carpets when the post-construction cleaning was ongoing. However, this is the best time to once again vacuum, as any debris or dust from the construction site will have fallen onto the floor during the process. You will also want to vacuum the feet of furniture and other areas that tend to collect debris, as well as the baseboards.

Wiping Off Walls

You will want to wipe down the walls in your home after a post-construction cleaning. The dust and other debris that have fallen from the construction site will adhere to the walls, making them difficult to clean. Using a damp cloth, wipe down every surface, paying special attention to the likes of baseboards, corners, and behind furniture pieces. You may need to consider investing in a post-construction cleaning solution, as this will allow you to clean the walls quickly and easily, as well as kill off any germs that are left on the walls.

Dusting and Hanging Wall Art

Dust will build up on your walls if you do not take the time to clean them up after a post-construction cleaning. This means that you need to take the time to wipe down every surface, including the likes of the ceilings, baseboards, and walls. If wall hangings are not placed away properly, or you have made a mistake and hung something on the wrong wall, dust will build up on the surface. Take time to dust wall hangings, including pictures and wall art, as this will make your home appear more welcoming.

If you want to provide the best impression to your guests at home, it’s best to contact our post-construction cleanup team at Pristine Cleans LLC. We are among the best in Grand Rapids, MI to clean up your newly constructed or renovated store. Contact us now at (616) 207-6627 to get started.

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